Are you ready for your next NERC CIP Audit?
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1. Answer Questions 

The evaluation takes ~5  minutes and comprises of questions relating to your compliance program.

2. Get Your Score

You will immediately see your overall score, which measures the automation level of your current NERC CIP-005 compliance program.

3. Receive Your Report

Receive a personalized report with recommendations for your NERC CIP-005 compliance program.

NERC CIP-005 Compliance Check

To help assess your compliance program maturity, Network Perception has developed an online tool to evaluate your NERC CIP -005 audit preparation. This tool will help you identify areas of strength, gaps, and weakness as you prepare for your next audit.

The criteria is focused on four primary functional areas that are central in ensuring regulatory compliance within the utility. They are Organization, Teams, Process and Technology.

Your Report

After completing our short evaluation, you will receive a personalized report outlining your level of preparedness, automation, and specific recommendations to help you prepare for your next audit.

What Does My Score Mean?

Your score will be a percentage. Higher scores typically represent organizations that have built a culture of compliance via smart processes, accountability, and automation.

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